I.C.O.S., maintaining faith to the values that they always give have distinguished the activity of the founder Osvaldo Sartini, holder of the homonymous Company from the end of years ’60, have known to conquer in the years the confidence of customers, economic and social suppliers and other interlocutors.

Exceeded positively the generational passage for roles, competences and professionality, the company today is guided by the daugthers and son who, after a careful analysis of the own structure in terms of potentiality, ability and aspirations, have characterized in the diversification of product and the innovation two fundamental strategic levers in answer to the continuous changes of market.

The results up to now obtained confirm the validity of the adopted strategic choices and are of stimulus for future challenges, the first between all formation and the approach to the university world and of the research through aimed ways.

  • President: Ileana Cavazzuti
  • General manager and responsible technician: Riccardo Sartini
  • Responsible production sales and planning: Chiara Sartini
  • Responsible production trades: Monica Sartini
  • Founding associate: Osvaldo Sartini